•   Ecological. Does not harm environment
  •   Safe for the protection of equipment and occupied areas
  •   Minimal water damage
  •   Efficient for flammable liquid fires
  •   Electrically non conductive (use of dematerialized water)
  •   Rapid temperature reductio
  •   Economical. Minimum cost of extinguishing age
  •   Independent system or pumping equipment
 Applications: Flammable liquid fires, wet chemical and industrial fries, turbine and generator cabins, transformer rooms, walking ladders and escalators, valued material warehouse, cable and installation galleries, road tunnels.

Fire Alarm System

MFP is a leading fire alarm supply and contracting company . We offer a range of fire systems that provide reliable, flexible and stable products offering all the benefits of conventional &addressable detection system. MFP offer design, installation, testing, and maintenance of any fire alarm system.